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August 26, 2006



spencer ~ thanks for taking the time to pound this comprehensive reply . . . i so appreciate this aspect of the emerging “conversation” . . . your answer transcends the discussion . . . it moves to honoring the relationship of those discussing the questions which epitomizes not only christian character but underlines the tension that exists in my mind regarding the difficulties propositional approach to theology and the relational approach . . . thanks for modeling that . . . this sort of modeling is in my mind significantly more important than the issue at hand . . .

BTW ~ (no disrespect) did you answer the question about how the church determines differences between emergents and heretics??

let me mention that I am not as certain that examples like the protestant reformation are in anyway exemplarily method for examining ideas of people like “galileo and luther” or some guy from maryland named mclaren . . . (LOL) . . . the passive undertaking of ghandi in india or dr martin luther king jr during the civil rights movement was far superior to the active resistance/separation pounded onto all saints' church door in wittenberg by luther himself . . . if we continue this logic . . . the attempts toward solidarity within the episcopal church are struggling over . . . unfortunately, this divisive quality of breaking off dialogue birthed by luther and other reformers accidentally conceived an undesirable genetic DNA of division within the protestant church . . . and that saddens me . . . truly . . . so I guess I missed the point . . . again no disrespect . . . but I don’t follow the logic . . . it seems sort of naive not to be cognizant of how these fundamental theological and ecclesiological questions are never separable from the political questions soon to follow . . . this is a terribly important subject in my mind and I am glad you are discussing it . . . but I did miss your point . . . honestly.

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