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March 02, 2004


Randy Youngling

Remember me? We exchanged emails a while back. I am now living in Aspen and teaching high school after pastoring for 25 years. Things change! I am wanting to get more involved with the "emerging church" and feel I have something to offer young leaders and pastors if they are willing to learn from one who has been broken and is, to use Mike Yaconelli's phrase, a bit "messy"! I have a wealth of expereince, a love for mentoring and spiritual direction, and passion to help younger leaders "emerge" and grow both personally and professionally. Even though I'm old (a very youthful 52) I am a life long learner who has grown and changed with the times. I am a friend of Brian McLaren's and came close to accepting an invitation to join im in ministry at CRCC. I'd love to interact with you about how I can be an encouragement, spiritual mentor, ministry shaper with you guys. Please write me at the above address or give me a call at 970-618-7641 (Colorado number). Blessings and hope to hear from you soon.
Randy Youngling

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