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February 25, 2004



That picture made me cry. It depicted how I felt for many years in my spiritual walk. It was so dry - but down the hil - over there was the water that I knew would refresh me.

I knew it wasn't meant to be like this - just like that ground was not meant to be exposed to the sun and air, it was meant to be covered with cool refreshing water.

I would try to walk to the water, and kept tripping on the cracks in the dried up mud. The pictures engenders in me a feeling of frustration, and fear that I would never get there.

But, while I can clearly remember these feelings, it is a memory. God Spirit has provided the "springs of living water" in my innermost being, and the drought is broken. But I know I have to keep the spring clean, and fresh, or it could return.

The hard baked mud reminds me that my heart was hard, and stone like, but God has given me a new heart, soft, fresh and fertile.

It is good to reflect and remember - I never want to forget the feeling, because I never want to go there again, and I want to be able to understand, and identify with others who are there.

Thank you


Thanks for sharing this great resource


tammy and i long to live in a dry climate ...

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